Grass Gains Lawn Bulk Fertiliser
Grass Gains Lawn Bulk Fertiliser
Grass Gains Lawn Bulk Fertiliser
Grass Gains Lawn Bulk Fertiliser
Grass Gains Lawn Bulk Fertiliser
Grass Gains Lawn Bulk Fertiliser

Grass Gains Lawn Bulk (6 month) Fertiliser 2.5KG Organic Fertiliser Slow Release

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Lawn Bulk (6 month) Fertiliser 2.5KG

A blend or organic plant based bio stimulant with a coated controlled release fertiliser.


There are two prills, one being a green prill which is a slow release formula, allowing it to drip feed the grass over a period of 5-6 months. The other being a black prill, which is our organic quick release, allowing results to be visible within 5 days. This is a dust free product, preventing the plant from scorching, and thanks to the slow-release technology, this high quality fertiliser only needs to be applied twice a year! Covers 100m2, ideally to be applied with our fert shaker for an even distribution.


We recommend applying this product during growing season (March to September) this will thicken out the lawn and give a nice green colour all spring/summer. 

Organic and Plant-Based: This biostimulant is derived from organic and plant-based sources, providing eco-friendly lawn care.

Dual-Prill Design: The blend features two types of prills - green for slow-release and black for quick-release - offering both immediate and long-term benefits.

Slow Release Green Prill: The green prill drip feeds the grass over a period of 5-6 months, ensuring long-term nourishment.

Quick Release Black Prill: The black prill provides a quick release of nutrients, with visible results within 5 days.

Dust Free Product: The dust-free formulation prevents plant scorching, ensuring the safety of your lawn.

Slow-Release Technology: The high-quality fertiliser only needs to be applied twice a year thanks to its slow-release technology.

Large Coverage: The product covers 100m2, offering substantial coverage for larger lawns.

Recommended Application Tools: Ideally applied with the company's fert shaker to ensure even distribution across the lawn.

Seasonal Use: The product is recommended for application during the growing season (March to September) for a lush, green lawn.

Year-Round Lawn Care: The company also provides products for Autumn/Winter (October to February) to keep your lawn healthy through the cold periods.

Thickens and Greens the Lawn: Regular use during the growing season results in a thick and vibrant green lawn.

Coated Controlled Release Fertiliser: The controlled release of nutrients from the coated fertiliser offers efficient nutrient utilization.

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