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      56 products

      Coton Machinery – A Go-To Garden Machinery Shop in the UK for All Horticulturists!

      Gardening as a hobby is supposed to relax the mind and lower stress while improving overall well-being. What if it starts to drain you physically? Then, you know it’s time to upgrade your gardening tools to take off the pressure and not strain your back. With modern-day replacements like hedge trimmers, chainsaws, vacuum shredders, cordless trimmer sets, handheld blowers, grass trimmers and others on the horizon, it is a lot easier to accomplish tasks whilst saving time. Overtime, technology has advanced and given way to powerful and versatile gardening tools.

      At Coton Machinery, you are guaranteed to fulfil your requirements when seeking ‘garden machinery suppliers near me’ on the web. As a retailer, we bring leading brands like Stiga, Echo, Mountfield and others under one virtual roof for your convenience. Browse by your preferred brand and enjoy garden machinery for sale at competitive prices. We are committed to excellence and are grinding away to update our stock with the latest and finest products. Shop for efficient tools today via our wide range and come back again if you find the hobby satisfying.

      How to Choose Your Garden Machinery?

      Irrespective of aptitude, a gardener might feel gardening or landscaping to be a daunting prospect. It applies to clearing a jungle in the backyard when moving into a new home, as much as trimming a hedge or mowing a lawn. The sheer volume of choices available with garden machinery suppliers further complicates the chores. While it may appear exciting at the beginning, it may soon turn out to be overwhelming with plenty of tools at your disposal.

      While it may seem more convenient to have all the tools that make a job easy, the feeling of whether it’s worth spending money on something you will only use once may stop you from making a purchase. At Coton Machinery, let us help you stay equipped for gardening or landscaping without going above your budget.

      Below are the factors to consider when shopping for garden machinery for sale:

      • Functionality: It’s crucial to understand the gardening job at hand and the specific tasks to be performed. Based on that understanding, choose your machinery. Consider multi-functional tools to save space and money.

      • Lawn size: Having a large estate mowed with a rotary mower may reflect inefficiency. Similarly, a ride-on mower may prove too much for a tiny city garden. Wisdom lies in finding a machine that has the necessary capacity to handle your garden size.

      • Power source: When you want the operational cost to be low, choose electric tools. If your preference is more power and freedom of movement, get petrol-powered engines. However, if you want a great balance between the two, get cordless.

      • Running cost: While petrol models require more fuel, cordless machinery needs replacement batteries. Compare the two when considering long-term running costs.

      • Safety features: These matter the most as they prevent accidents. Prioritise overload protection on power tools and automatic blade shutoff on mowers.

      • Brand and warranty: While a reputed brand speaks volumes about the quality, after-sale customer service and reliability, a decent warranty factors in peace of mind.

      • Noise level: The ideal choice is more inclined towards quieter operations, which is more prevalent in electric or cordless garden machines. Anything beyond 100 dB is dangerous. It may cause hearing loss.

      • Environmental impact: It’s best to go for garden tools with the lowest carbon footprint. Naturally, electric or cordless models are preferable.

      Being a dedicated online retailer of garden machinery, we bring to you a user-friendly way to shop for desired tools, compare features and filter prices to arrive at the best choice. Visit Coton Machinery today to purchase cutting-edge lawn equipment for your garden to flourish.

      A Reliable Garden Machinery Supplier, Working Only with the Leading Horticultural Brands

      Coton Machinery takes pride in offering a wealth of garden machinery tools from some of the top-rated brands in the UK. Our hand-picked collection of robust tools has the perfect product to help you tame the wild and bring your garden visions to life. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned arborist, gardener or landscaper, you will enjoy the difference our branded gardening equipment will accompany.

      Enclosed are the horticultural brands people are familiar with for standing the test of time and thriving with each passing year:

      • Stiga: Whether you are looking for hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, trimmers or garden tractors for sale, you can always rely on this brand for its wide range of garden tools. Its set of equipment is innovatively designed to serve the purpose while proving long-lasting at the same time.

      • STIHL: The hallmarks of STIHL gardening tools are lightweight, easy-to-use, have a lower environmental impact, effortless power and ergonomics. These make the brand ideal for domestic and professional gardeners alike. We recommend STIHL cordless gardening tools for their quiet operation, zero emissions and simplicity.

      • Echo: If top-performing commercial-grade products attract you the most, you will enjoy Echo. The tools are dependable and lower fatigue by being comfortable to use and performing to the highest professional standards.

      • Mountfield: Keeping your lawn in top condition is a child’s play when you have gardening tools from Mountfield at your disposal. They are innovative, stylish and technologically advanced to suit all lawns and support all lifestyles.

      The good news is that we house tools from every brand captured here because we know how much quality equipment matters to you.

      Make Gardening a Breeze with Our Garden Machinery for Sale!

      It’s been many years since Coton Machinery has been operating in the horticulture industry. We have amassed significant exposure in the landscaping and outdoor living sectors. With the knowledge gained from valuable partnerships with leading garden equipment brands, we have curated our collection to include only the finest tools. Whether it’s a hedge trimmer, a chainsaw, a cordless trimmer set, a handheld blower or even a petrol bush cutter, we have everything to meet your requirements. Upgrade your gardening essentials with advanced machinery and see the difference for yourself.