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      Buy Top-Notch Petrol Lawn Mowers for Sale in the UK at Coton Machinery

      Despite strong competition from electric lawnmowers, gas-powered or petrol lawnmowers continue to dominate the British market. Their high power capacity and heavy-duty performance make them favourable for maintaining vast landscapes ranging from 300 to 400 square metres. Think of golf courses, city parks, community gardens and similar premises.

      With a rising ambition to achieve higher climate change targets, the UK government is investing heavily in building more public parks, common playgrounds and residential gardens across Great Britain. While it links the country’s general health and well-being with increasing opportunities for socioeconomic and environmental development, it heightens a growing demand for commercial landscaping services and suitable equipment.

      Coton Machinery leads the way for being the most reliable platform to feature top-notch petrol lawnmowers for sale in the UK. We bring you a wide range of walk-behind and ride-on petrol lawnmowers by brands like STIHL, Cobra, Stiga and many others. Buy the perfect petrol lawnmower at its best price and keep your outdoor spaces looking prim and proper all year round.

      Petrol Lawn Mower Buying Guide by Coton Machinery

      The most significant factor when buying petrol lawnmowers should be the size of your lawn or landscape, with an expanse of over 7.5 square feet. Other than the size, the other factors are engine power, motor capacity, cutting width and height. With so many options available on the market, the configurations can be very confusing, so we have jotted down the key points to determine, which makes it easier for you to streamline your search.

      • Capacity of Fuel Tank: Consider the fuel tank capacity if you have a large lawn. Bigger tanks increase efficiency by reducing the number of refuelling stops.

      • Lawn Size: Take a general ratio—that walk-behind petrol lawnmowers are suitable for smaller gardens that are greater than 500m² and less than 700 m² of building premises. For golf courses and larger gardens of over 2000 m² get a ride-on mower with a higher power range.

      • Power Range: The average power for petrol lawnmower rotaries starts from about 4 bhp to about 5.5 bhp. Consider having a higher power range for wider lawns.

      • Grass Cutting Height: You will have a variety of grass heights and prefer to keep some and trim the others. Height settings are vital configurations for allowing varying grass types and individual preferences more room for lawn design.

      • Start-up Mechanism: Some mowers have a recoil starter, while others offer an electric start system, which can be more convenient, especially for those with mobility issues.

      • Manoeuvrability: Measure the mower's turning radius and wheel size; these parameters have an impact on how easily it can manoeuvre through narrow spaces and around obstacles.

      Available Types of Petrol Lawn Mowers for Sale in the UK at Coton Machinery

      Petrol mower technology has evolved over the years and numerous products have entered the British market to meet the increasingly specific needs of different industry domains. Find a wide range of petrol mowing machines and vehicles at Coton Machinery that profess a major shift towards long-term solutions for the booming landscaping market in Warwickshire

      • Self-Propelled Lawn Mower: This machine does not need manual pushing and works via a speed control lever that shifts the mower forward. The operator only has to manoeuvre the lever, not push it. Be more relaxed while covering expansive lawns. It is an ideal machine for yards smaller than 1500m² and greater than 600m² - 700m².

      • Walk-Behind Petrol Mowers: Walk-behind is the broad category of lawnmowers that are pushed from behind. They can be petrol-, corded or battery-operated. These variants are more functional for offering a greater level of control and manoeuvrability, especially on complex terrain, uneven slopes and steep hills.

      • Petrol Mulching Mowers: These machines are used to cut the grass without moving the clippings to recycle the particles as nutrients for the soil. You can get a wide variety of features for mulching mowers that can do more, like collecting and discharging the grass based on the requirements of the land. A wide range of self-propelled and push mowers are available in this category.

      • Petrol Front Deck Lawn Mowers: Front deck mowers are designed with the cutting deck at the front, allowing for easy manoeuvrability around obstacles and ensuring a clear view of the cutting path.

      • Cylinder Petrol Mowers: These mowers utilise a cylinder mechanism to cut grass with a scissor-like action, providing a precise and clean cut. They offer greater mobility and efficiency for maintaining small to medium-sized lawns.

      • Roller Lawn Mower: This is a type of mower that signifies the specific feature of a heavy, cylindrical-shaped weight on the rear axle that can give you the quintessential stripe effect on commercial lawns, playing fields or public parks.

      Buy Petrol Lawn Mowers at Coton Machinery With Free UK Mainland Delivery

      At Coton Machinery, businesses in the commercial and landscaping sectors make up the majority of our gasoline mower customers. Whether you are a landscaping company or need the perfect lawn care equipment for your commercial property, get top-notch petrol lawnmowers online in the UK at their best prices at Coton Machinery. We stock the best-branded products and offer free delivery on all orders across the mainland UK. You can feel free to schedule a visit to our retail store in Tamworth should you wish to personally review and test the machines.