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      Riding Lawn Mowers for Sale in the UK - Shop Online at Coton Shop

      Do you keep wondering how hotels manage to have perfectly manicured yards all the time? What do you need to have the same for your property? Do you require a big arsenal of lawn care equipment? Dedicated staff? Or perhaps an entourage of gardeners and landscapers? Sometimes, all you need is a reliable lawnmower!

      Coton Machinery offers a wide range of riding lawn mowers for sale in the UK by top-notch brands like Stiga, Mountfield, Cobra and STIHL. Get a variety of petrol and battery-powered models and key features of zero-turn, front deck, and side-discharge. When you have the right equipment, you too can maintain the look as well as the health of your greenscapes.

      What to Expect from Ride-On Lawn Mowers

      Riding lawnmowers could be an excellent investment for grassland areas ranging from 1/2 to 3 acres or more. It allows the operator to remain seated while covering a wide area faster and more uniformly. Since this equipment doesn’t exert the joints, unlike walk-behind models, it is even suitable for someone with mobility issues. It requires minimal physical exertion or any pressure on joints.

      Several different types of lawnmowers are available for sale in the UK, brought to you by Coton Machinery. Get versatile cutting mechanisms and manoeuvrability suitable for diverse premises. Think large yards, school playgrounds, hotels, and parks—you can maintain a prim and proper lawn or yard in all these properties, all year round. Try out a wide range of warm and cool-season grass, and different types of lawn-mowing patterns, and achieve attractive results even through slopes and uneven terrain.

      Types Riding Lawn Mowers for Sale at Coton Machinery

      Prominent brands like Stiga and Bobcat introduced advanced models of ride-on lawnmowers for sale in the UK with features like hydrostatic drive, reinforced cutting decks, flexible mulching options and lots more. It is essential to understand your machine to judge if it can handle your terrain and ensure seamless usability. At Coton Machinery, you can find a wide variety of ride-on petrol lawnmowers and battery-operated models. Below are the top products you will always find at our store.

      • Front-Deck:The key feature of this design is that the cutting deck is placed at the front, so you get to see the grounds ahead more easily and deliver precise cuts, especially in small areas. Check out Stiga’s Park 500 & Combi Pro 110 Q Plus models, which feature a special 50:50 articulation and power steering that define amazing reliability and manoeuvrability.

      • Rear-Engine Riders:Comparatively smaller than the front-deck and lawn tractor models, when you have the engine tucked under the operator’s seat, the portability becomes easier to drive in small spaces and also easier to store.

      • Zero-Turn:The best feature of this mechanism is its zero-turning radius, which allows them to pivot on the same spot. The machine can mow and mulch even past extraordinary obstacles, anomalous tree growth, or oddly shaped hedges and beds. Bobcat’s ZT2000 model with Kawasaki Engine Mulching and commercial-grade hydrostatic transaxles is a power machine that offers more optimal commercial features than any other zero-turn in the same price range.

      • Side Discharge:This is not a "type,” but a feature option in ride-on mowers. You can discharge the mowed grass clippings back to the grounds via the chute on the side. It saves on the hassle of bagging them and lets the loose clippings decompose naturally.

      • Grass Collector:If you don’t want to distribute grass clippings on your grounds, then get a mower that comes with a bagger attachment or grass collector. You can also get multi-functional models that allow both discharging and collecting grass.

      • Garden Tractors:These can be bigger and more powerful than lawn tractors. These machines typically come equipped with heavy-duty engines, sizeable cutting decks and larger fuel tanks. Take the Atco GT 43, for example, which comes with a 452cc single-cylinder engine, electromagnetic blade engagement, hydrostatic drive and a fuel tank of 6 litres. It is ready to take on challenging terrain and mow expansive areas and tall grass very efficiently.

      Find the Perfect Match of Riding Lawn Mower for Sale in the UK — Have Immaculate Grasslands All Year Round

      Do you know your mower? If you do, then have at it, and if you don't, then seek the assistance of our experts to invest in the right equipment according to your needs. As we at Coton Machinery bring you a wide range of riding lawnmowers for sale in the UK, we take it upon ourselves to draw a parallel for the most well-provided online store for our customers. Whether you are a garden enthusiast a landscape professional, or a reseller of horticultural equipment, make the most of our platform for your needs. Get the best prices, along with jaw-dropping deals and offers available year-round. You may order online, or visit our store at Tamworth. While ride-on mowers do not qualify for free delivery, we can still deliver your tractor or ride-on mower to your door for a fair price.