Grass Gains One Shot Wonder Green Up
Grass Gains One Shot Wonder Green Up
Grass Gains One Shot Wonder Green Up
Grass Gains One Shot Wonder Green Up

Grass Gains One Shot Wonder Green Up Grass Lawn Liquid Fertiliser Pet&Child Safe

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One Shot Wonder (Green Lawn 24 Hours) 1L

How to use:

Green-UP your lawn in just 24 hours. This liquid fertiliser is a blend of organic ingredients, pet and child safe and results in just 24 hours! It contains a wetting agent, allowing the moisture to be pulled through to the roots, for a longer lasting hydration. Chelated iron is another ingredient in this product, giving the perfect green up. Amazing for harsh weather conditions to allow the plant to withstand any weather, also protecting against drought and disease. Easy application and must be brought with the applicator, which is then reusable. Covers 100m2 and can be applied every month, all year round.


This product can also be applied using a knapsack or small sprayer. 


Warning: Causes eye and skin irritation, wear protective clothing, eye protection or face protection when applying. If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water and for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do so. If eye irritation persists seek medical advice. If on skin wash with plenty of clean water. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Safety dat sheet available on request. Protect from frost.

  • Key Features

    Fast Results: This liquid fertiliser guarantees to green up your lawn within just 24 hours.

    Organic Ingredients: The blend consists of organic ingredients, promoting eco-friendly lawn care.

    Pet and Child Safe: The fertiliser is safe for use around pets and children, minimizing any risk of harmful exposure.

    Contains a Wetting Agent: The product includes a wetting agent, helping to pull moisture through to the roots for longer-lasting hydration.

    Chelated Iron: The addition of chelated iron gives your lawn the perfect green up.

    Weather Resilient: This fertiliser is great for harsh weather conditions, helping the plant withstand any weather and providing protection against drought and disease.

    Easy Application: The fertiliser is easy to apply and must be purchased with the applicator, which is reusable for future applications.

    Coverage: The product covers 100m2, offering ample coverage for most lawns.

    Frequency of Use: It can be applied every month, all year round, for continual lawn improvement.

    Multiple Application Methods: The product can also be applied using a knapsack or small sprayer, providing flexibility in the application method.

    Safety Precautions: It's important to wear protective clothing and eyewear during application to avoid irritation. If eye or skin irritation occurs, follow the provided instructions to alleviate the issue.

    Frost Protection: The product should be protected from frost to maintain its effectiveness.


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